Hawaii Elopement | What Happens if it Rains?

We’ll never forget what our bride said when it started pouring rain right before her Hawaii elopement. We asked Casey and Dan what they wanted to do: Wait it out or go for it? Casey excitedly said, “We are ready for a Wild and Free adventure!”

We grabbed umbrellas with big smiles on our faces, and it was an incredible time! If you’re wondering what happens if it rains on your elopement day, we are here to assure you that it will still be an incredible experience, and to let you know what your options are!

(Photos by Chelsea Stratso)

Rain in Hawai’i is usually temporary

For Casey and Dan’s elopement, the rain stopped shortly after we reached the beach. Fog in the mountains gave a dramatic effect, and then the clouds parted for beautiful blue skies! Unless you’re visiting during the rainy season (October – March) Hawai’i showers are typically short-lived. Even during the rainy season, we can usually find a different location on the island with less severe weather.

bride, groom, and officiant during hawaii elopement ceremony on the beach bride, groom, and family celebrating during hawaii elopement on the beach

It can be romantic AF if you embrace it

Rain during your wedding is considered a Hawaiian blessing, so we love when couples embrace it! Channel your inner Allie and Noah a la The Notebook, cozy up together, and your photog will have their gear protected to capture all the magic!

bride and groom in the rain during a hawaii elopement

Rain can equal rainbows

Most Hawaiian showers are followed by rainbows, which makes for epic photos! Need we say more??

Remain calm – the weather in Hawai’i is hard to predict

Your weather app might say thunderstorms for one day, and then it turns out to be clear skies. We always recommend putting off looking at the weather because the app is notoriously wrong. We’ll keep an eye on the weather for you, and if it’s looking like there will be rain, we will let you know your options. We obviously love to encourage you to go for it if the weather isn’t severe, otherwise we can recommend a backup location or provide rescheduling options if available.

The most important thing to remember is that choosing to elope in Hawai’i is an adventure in itself! You’re day is going to be totally unique and beautiful, rain or shine. When you book with us, you can have piece of mind that we got you!!

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