We may not be blood sisters (which we are often mistaken for) but we are soul sisters. We are actively pursing the untraditional, finding what feels right to us, and then following it wholeheartedly. We love encouraging others to do the same!

We love to take advantage of everything living in Hawai'i has to offer! You can usually find us on beach walks, surfing or hiking.... but our guilty pleasure is vegging out and watching The Bachelor.

While we haven't found our own "forever roomies" just yet, we absolutely love rejoicing in the fact that you found yours!

The idea of Wild + Free Elopements came during a beach walk when we were talking life, love and the different paths that people take. We love those who throw out tradition and do what fits them best. We want to create a space for you to enjoy a day that is true to who you are, and encourage you to run wild and free on your happiest day together.

We are chelsea and alana

and we are stoked that you are here!

The Wild + Free

Your vision for your wedding day is so important to us. You aren’t just another booking on our calendar. We won’t try to shove you into a box, or try to get you to change your ceremony time based on *our* schedules. (Your photog is gonna thank us for that one!)

We focus on bringing you into the present moment, and creating a space for you to feel comfortably you. We of course love to incorporate a few traditions from typical wedding ceremonies, but we take the time to get to know you to customize the script to what makes you special as a couple, and we provide options to replace some traditional themes with wording that best aligns with your relationship.

As a yoga instructor for 5 years, Alana is quite literally trained in the art of grounding others in the present. She creates a calm, positive and welcoming environment for each couple. No fake smiles for the camera here! Alana’s ability to allow space for the ceremony to naturally flow ensures that your genuine happiness shines through in your photographer’s images.

Chelsea has been in the Hawaii wedding industry for 6+ years as a photographer, so our value on collaborating with your vendors to perfectly create your day can not be overstated. We are happy to work with your vendors as a team to ensure that your day is exactly how you envision it - and we are going to have a lot of fun along the way. This also means that our list of preferred vendors are the best on the island!

We like to keep it short, sweet, and meaningful. Never dull, disconnected, or like we are just going through the motions. If this has you screaming "hell yea!!" click the button below to begin the booking process!

We're ready for this!